Michael Willett sqISO/IEC 27040 and Self-Encrypting Storage (G16)

Dr. Michael Willett received a Bachelor of Science degree from the US Air Force Academy (Top Secret clearance) and a Masters and PhD in mathematics from NC State University. After a career as a university professor of mathematics and computer science, Dr. Willett joined IBM as a design architect, moving into IBM’s Cryptography Competency Center. Later, Dr. Willett joined Fiderus, a security and privacy consulting practice, subsequently accepting a position with Wave Systems. Recently, Dr. Willett was a Senior Director at Seagate Research, focusing on security functionality on hard drives, including self-encryption, related standardization, product rollout, patent development, and partner liaison. Currently, Dr. Willett serves as a consultant on the marketing of storage-based security. Dr. Willett also chaired the OASIS Privacy Management Reference Model Technical Committee (PMRM TC), which has developed an operational reference model for implementing privacy requirements. Recently, Dr. Willett worked with Samsung as a storage security strategist, helping to define their self-encryption strategy across Samsung’s portfolio of storage products. Currently, Dr. Willett is working with the Bright Plaza executive team to promote the Drive Trust Alliance, whose mission is to promote adoption of SEDs in the marketplace (www.drivetrust.com).