Timothy Woodcome, Director NQA, USA

If your organization is considering ISO 27001 Certification, you will likely be faced with the challenge of understanding exactly what that means (and then explaining that to your boss and the rest of the organization). For anyone who has not been part of an ISO Management System previously, the proverbial “ISO Audit” may be a foreign concept… Is it like a financial audit? Is it all on-site? What will it cost? How long will it take? Who needs to be involved? What’s our scope? What are the auditors going to want to see?

This session will provide answers to these questions and more straight from the source of a leading international certification body. We will cover topics ranging from the basics of management system expectations, how to plan and budget for ISO 27001 certification, how to leverage other parts of your organization in the ISO 27001 effort, what information to have prepared at the various stage of the process, and tips on making the overall certification process flow as smoothly as possible. Understanding the language of Management Systems and the expectations of certification bodies and auditors will help you better prepare your organization for the certification process up to, and even after your first audit. Take-aways from this session will include tools to help you prepare yourself and your organization for some of the inevitable needs and questions you will likely face in the process. Adequate time will be allocated to letting participants address any specific questions they may have related to their given scenario.